Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby's First NYC Halloween Parade

This is my third Halloween in New York yet I have never been to the mother of all Halloween Parades until tonight.

Here is what the official website's FACT SHEET says about this parade:


Now in its 36th year, New York's Village Halloween Parade is...

  • The nation's largest public Halloween celebration
  • Named as The Greatest Event on Earth by Festivals International for October 31
  • Attended by over 2 million people, seen by over 1 million on TV
  • The nation's only major night Parade
  • Seen LIVE on NY 1 Television
  • Listed as one of the 100 Things to do Before You Die
  • Pretty impressive. NYC vets Sue and Sean joined me and it was fun times as always with them. We even walked to Washington Square Park afterwards amidst all the mayhem. Then it was clearly time to go home.

    And wouldn't you know it, my fellow bandmate John Henderson was piping in the parade. (Right behind the float with the stripper on the stripper pole! - Beats marching behind horses any day!!)

    Eyeballs made from using exercise balls as molds. Smart.
    John coming out of rank to shake my hand!

    Gender bending, Oz-style.
    Swine Flu
    We are so not dressed but we are ADORABLE! (Sean, Sue, Pat)

    Beef is what's for dinner.

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