Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cal's Rainbow

You Can Take the Cal Out of California...

My friends John and Chris brought their son Cal from Cal (ifornia) to meet East Coast rels and friends. Connecticut and New Jersey and Brooklyn and Manhattan are on his concert tour t-shirt.

What a lovely boy - smiley and just baby chubby lovely. I remarked how funny it was that I was so familiar with him upon first meeting because of Facebook!

So happy to meet him. Will you look at that face!!

My double chin is in honour of baby fat! I am too jovial here for my liking. (Focus on the baby, Pat. Focus on the child! It is not about YOU!)

That Old Devil Moon

John later took me to see "Finian's Raibow" at the St. James Theatre. I had never seen it before and had not idea what to expect. A story about the South and prejudcie and tobacco famers and an Irishman and his daughter and a leprechaun? From 1947?! It had to be bad.

The show has so MANY wonderful songs I know: "How Are Things in Glocca Mora?" "Old Devil Moon" "Look to the Rainbow" "When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich" It goes on.

Well, I LOVED it. It was creeky and chesnutty but in a GRAND way. I thought the actors were excellent and I gave in to the evening and a Hollywood tear even fell from my left eye.
Missed Photo Op

As a semi-professional blogger with the emphasis on the SEMI, I missed yet another GREAT photo op. I am still smarting over it.

Here I am with my good pal John leaving the theatre after the show and DIRECTLY across from us is the Majestic Theatre where John starred on Broadway as Raul in "Phantom of the Opera." I had the moment to take his photo in front of the theatre as I ALWAYS think of him every time I pass it. WHEN will we two be in front of that theatre again? I really need to be a better blogger. Though already friends accuse that I don't live in the moment, but think of the blog. A credit to John I forgot to take the photo as I was "living in the moment" with him.

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