Monday, October 19, 2009

New York City Living: It's in the Bag

More than any other city, I think, when you set out in New York you pack for the day. And evening. Sure when you are in other cities, you are gone from morning until night, but you put it all in the trunk of your car. In New York you hang it off your shoulder.

So no garment bags or blow dryers. Or Home Depot purchases to return.

At the onset of the day or the night before (when you have just gotten in from being out for the entirety of that day) you calculate appropriate dress for many venues and times of day ("This can be later tucked in." "Pack a tie." "Tonight will this say 'Urban Evening' or just 'Dumpy Middle-Aged Guy'?")

You think of the changing climate and pack an umbrella and sunglasses.

Reading material for subway and quick moment in park or at coffee house (And sadly today "coffee house" most often really means Starbucks.) Magazines usually. Hardcovers are too heavy.

Pens. Eye glass repair kit. Breath mints.

You are now carrying your medicine cabinet, vanity and office on your back.

Cell phone, headphones, directions, resumes just in case, notes for everything. Hopstop printout for directions that link all today's venues.


Then there is the strategy planning:

"If I leave at this time then I can drop this bag off at the gym to work out tonight and then I can bring this to that which I will take back so I won't have that except for this morning. Then I have to get back to gym to work out but I will need this for all day so I better remember to take that out of that bag and not leave it there, but...)"

The commuter war games can go on a long time.

Pack food?

Bring this to drop off, but don't forget to pick this up, but not before you go to that appointment or you will look like a suburban shopper when you are trying to look like an employable Manhattanite.

It is all a fine art. And one gets better at it (or more lax) with time.

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Amanda Davenport said...

I definitely feel you on this one! When I go to school i have my computer plus everything else. Maybe if I could afford to live in Manhattan it wouldn't be so bad, but I probably just think everything would be perfect if I could live in Manhattan, lol.