Friday, October 2, 2009

Warhol Museum

Native son, Andy Warhol, is well honored and represented in this very vast and fun museum.

There are boxes upon boxes of the memorabilia he collected. Loads of his work and loads of celebs and fun facts about his life and world. I had a good time here. And it is housed in an old sheet music store, I believe. Fun. On the north shore. Fun.

Marian and he were both born the same year and both in Pittsburgh! TWO native sons in one tonight for me!

Marian with his contemporary Andy.

It was odd to me, however, that the museum allows no photography when that is all Andy Warhol did when he went places - he took snaps of people, etc. I would think they would encourage such pop culture instant "art" and hijinks.

The most fun was the mylar balloon room. I think this room can save on therapy as well. Loads of adults playing and having fun. Including us.

Thanks, Andy. Thanks, Pittsburgh.

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