Saturday, October 3, 2009

Paul Bowden - Artist

Paul Bowden is a very accomplished sculptor and an artist of reknown. He studied in Italy for nine years and he descends from artists. His father is a professional watercolorist.

Paul was kind enough to show us around his Polish Hill studio. Wow! It was amazing. I got to see so much of his work and loved it. Check it out here.

Talented, but very humble so I have to sing his praises here! When I was at the Polish Hill Civic Association Offices, Susan asked me if I had seen his work on Polish Hill. I said no, he never told me about it. She walked me down the street and showed me.

He is the only non-mural artist to have been accepted to the Sprout Public Art program.

Paul and his dad have a show coming up in Pittsburgh in November. I would link to it here, but I do not have the info. Perhaps will Paul will send it to me and I will promote it.

I would love someday to have a place where I could commission a piece from him. How great would it be to have a Bowden!

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