Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Worst of New York's Made Up Names

I came across this park today and wanted to shed a tear like that Indian standing roadside when the garbage is thrown out the car window. CaVaLa Park?!! Are you serious? We've been through Nolita, and Soho, and Mepa and Tribeca and DUMBO and SoHA and God knows what else. And this little park named after the crossing streets of Canal, Varick and Laight Streets?! Argggggh. Isn't there some do-gooder like Sully Sullenberger Park or Rosa Parks and Rec or even Bob Fosse Park we could have called this?

What's NEXT? HoCanU?!! (Houston, Canal and Union?)


Criticlasm said...

What is it? Canal, Varick and Lafayette?

Man. Hat. In. said...

No. That is what I thought, but as I wrote and as it says in the link it is Canal, Varick and Laight Streets.