Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Cathedral of Learning

(The building keeps going up from here!)
Imagine "It's a Small World" goes to College

At the University of Pittsburgh there is a building (the 2nd tallest university building in the world after Moscow U.) called the Cathedral of Learning that houses among MANY other things these 27 rooms that are mostly functional classrooms but have Nationality themes like the Austria Room or the Lithuanian Room. Kind of like those themed hotel rooms at the Madonna Inn.

They give you a key and a tape player and you go from room to room and unlock the doors and listen to the history of the room. Mostly artisans from the various countries came over and painted and carved, etc. to make these "nationality rooms' come alive. Who knew? ! And this is not like some new bible theme park but was conceived in 1926 and most rooms were created from the 1930's to the 1950's.

Instead of collecting dolls from around the world at the gas station, they built classrooms. Wacky, but fabulous.

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Criticlasm said...

I expected a joke after the Polish classroom. Years of conditioning.

What a neat place!