Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Block House, Block Head

I went to Central Park today to think. "Stuff" is going on and I needed to have a wee chat with my head.

For some reason I decided to go to the NW upper quadrant, a section I never visit. It was remarkable. I was so engrossed I forgot to think which was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I entered at West 110th Street and came upon the Block House. It was built for the War of 1812 for use against the British, but it never saw battle. The flag flies at half staff to honour the victims of the US Embassy bombing in Nairobi and 1998.

We had a major storm here in New York on August 18th (as it states) and many of the old, old trees in the Park which my father and Teddy Roosevelt and Fanny Brice and Walt Whitman could have seen were gone in an afternoon. Up in this part of the park you see the massive clean up of this ongoing. I will miss the trees, but I am so impressed with how well cared for this park is and I feel it is mine! (But I have staff!)

Then I came to the loch. Like I would in Scotland with me dear mum. I sat on a bench dedicated to someone else's dear mum and meditated. It was so sylvan, so serene. I had a moment. What a lovely place I have been today.

Time to leave Neverland.

Not because I am "cured" but because I am hungry. I remembered reading about Sal & Carmine's Pizza on Broadway up in these parts. I went there and had amazing slices. Mostly for the dough. It was memorably good. They don't put enough sauce in my book, but I hear that is part of their thing.

A wonderful day in the North! I suggested you go and see what magical wood it is up here.

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