Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pat and Mike...and Joe

"We were JUST talking about you!" is up there with "I was JUST thinking about you" or "I was JUST going to call you" in the pantheon of truisms that sound phony.

In Pittsburgh I was talking to Marian about Joe and Mike and how I met Joe, etc. And then the next day as I am heading back to NYC I get a call from Mike that he and Joe are in New York and want to see me!

Mike (unlike Joe and most other people) is an avid reader of Man. Hat In. and knew that I was out of town. I love that. Burglars love that as well.

I did not want to miss them so we met for breakfast on the day they were leaving. We have not seen each other in a few years and it was still a lovefest and a hoot. These guys are great and I love them. There I said it. What great guys. Especially Mike who is a regular reader. Kidding, Joe!

I hope I get to see more of them, but it was a delight that we had the morning together.

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