Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tony Westbrook

What a great evening! My pal Tony played the Center! Yes, Tony Westbrook put on a one man show at the LGBT Center in New York City. It is just down the street from Broadway and very well lit.

Tony was so good to me before I ever laid eyes on him. We have a mutual pal Joe in California and before I moved to New York Tony talked to me on the phone through the fear of finding housing and getting settled. Whatta guy.

He is a singer and put on a grand show tonight. I loved it because the funny, nice man that he is in real life really came through. I felt that he was singing to us in his living room (though the neighbors would have banged because he can really project!) He was comfortable and in fine voice. I loved his stories, his songs and the warmth.

Here is the deal: I support and admire any friend who wants to do something and does it. This is what Tony did tonight. Encore, Westbrook!!

My arty shot of Tony singing with a gay movement photo from the 1970s. So powerful, but I don't know what I am trying to say with it!

He spoke about his arm extensions. Here is one.

Me with the star of the evening.

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Tony Westbrook said...

Pat you are a true gem!!! Thank you so much for being there and for these wonderful photos! The shot with the picture is amazing. In my own way I try to be proud and Gay and an example that we ARE good and wonderful people. TEAM GAY!