Sunday, October 4, 2009

Polish Hill Civic Association

Next to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church is the Polish Hill Civic Association. As part of our Polish Hill tours Marian and I went in to see what we could see.

A very nice lady greeted us and right away she said, "Do you blog?" I was kind of taken aback as it seemed so out of context. "Yes," I said. "We read your blog!" Susan Constanse said. I had written about Polish Hill and she recognized me and Marian from my blog! Here I was in Pittsburgh and I am read!

It was wild and a lovefest began inside the cozy offices of the PHCA.

Susan is the blogger for the Association. The name of the blog is SO perfect for this Polish Valhalla looking over Pittsburgh. It is called Blogski!! You must check it out.

Susan taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. Check out her handiwork here.

The brain center of Polish Hill.

They have so much wonderful archival information and Susan and Leslie Clague were there to help. They sell postcards and t-shirts. Check them out here. Leslie showed Marian the archival photos and he recognized faces from his past and was shedding tears. It was amazing.

Finally, Marian signed up to be a member of the Association. For $5 you can be a full member. Marian as of this writing is the farthest away member of the Association.

In the middle of our laughter and tears, Terry Doloughty, the President of the Polish Hill Civic Association happened in. He was Marian's nephew's best man. I can't stand it!

Well I asked Terry as President if he would present Marian with his membership card. He gladly obliged.

It was good day here in Pittsburgh when native son, Marian Sarnowski, returns to the hill is becomes a member in good standing!

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Staffski said...

It was a pleasure meeting you during your visit to Pittsburgh!