Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Park

I had to go from the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side. I found myself walking to the crosstown busstop and then thought "You have two legs, you have time, you LOVE this park, why are you not walking through it to get to the other side?!"

Wow, what was I thinking?

It really takes no time to walk across Central Park, and though it is beautiful in every season, I think it is most beautiful in Autumn. It seems designed for this time of year. The different colors of the leaves offset by beautiful lampposts and rock formations and bodies of water and bridges.

I cannot fully explain the feeling of walking through this park alone at this time of year.

It is LIFE. That is all I know to say about it.

It is a dip, a wading into LIFE.


BNY said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Criticlasm said...

yes--I used to never take crosstown anything if I could avoid it. So beautiful.

And those yellow (oaks?) down south of the bandshell - astounding.