Sunday, October 4, 2009

Primanti Brothers

Queueing up at Primanti's

Karyn and Rich with Marian in line for our feast! Go Stillers!

Touring Pittsburgh is not complete without consumption of its most famous sandwich. This is a thing which consists of meat on Italian bread topped with french fries and cole slaw. Yes, all right in the sandwich.

It is a textural and "temperature-al" gastro experience. Soft white bread begats crunchy vinegary cole slaw which begats warm and soft fresh cut french fries which in turn begats meat and cheese and then your teeth dismount into a pillow of Italian bread again.

Our excellent hosts, Marian's nephew Richard and his wife Karyn, knew to take us to the original location on the Strip for the full experience. Because it is not just the sandwich, it's the scene!

This was game day for the Steelers and fans were out in full force. This town is SO sports crazy and I just love it. I am never in towns this mad for their local teams. (I take that back, I was in Green Bay!)

But I am loving the Steelers fans and they are loving their sandwiches.

FYI they say "Pree-MAN-tees" not "Pree-MAHN-tees."

Black and Gold EVERYWHERE!

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