Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Galleries SOHO

Ron Hicks from Arcadia

Did you know you can just WALK IN to a gallery? Like off the street? Without 20, 000 dollars on your pocket?

I was feeling good and was leaving the courthouse and decided to meander into Soho galleries.

I went to Arcadia Fine Arts. It was indeed fine. I liked a lot of what they had and some I didn't and isn't that the beauty of art? Dr. Leo Spacemen from "30 Rock" followed me in there. I thought he was going to ask me out, but that part was just in my head.

I then went to Animazing. They have a wonderful Maurice Sendak show perfectly timed for the film release of "Where the Wild Things Are." The picture I took with my iPhone is blurry because I was told mid click that NO PICTURE TAKING was allowed. Meaning, not.

Blurry Maurice Sendak.

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