Saturday, October 17, 2009

4 Scottish Lassies

My cousin Bren, well my mum's first cousin's ex-wife's sister, but I feel so much closer than that, came to New York with 3 other retired school teachers from Scotland. We got to spend the whole day together tripping around the Big Apple.

I lived in Scotland for 3 years and Bren's sister, my "aunt" Maureen, put me up and was SO good to me. I always felt really close to the family and it was great to have Bren come here. (Maureen will only get on a plane for my ordination, she tells me knowingly!)

I like this shot. So rural, yet urban! Love every second of the Highline!

Margarite, me, Margaret, Bren and Maureen after a screening of "Where the Wild Things Are."

The rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum. You simply must get there!

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