Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gambols in the Rambles. No Shambles.

Sunday in the City. A beautiful, NO I MEAN IT - like STUNNING, Fall day. Sean and Greg and I had smoked fish (which stayed with my breath the WHOLE day no matter what I did) and bagels for breakfast on my terrace.

Then Sean and I took a walk in the Rambles in the Park. Just beautiful. There are all sorts of trails and bridges and lake views. It is just hard to believe you are in the middle of Manhattan.

But first we happened by the Museum of Natural History. This is the side that has been behind walls ever since I moved here and here it a fountain and staircases and flowers out of nowhere!

I have really gotten jolly since my weight gain...

Later I met up with Greg and we took a late night stroll in the Park. Something I would never do alone, but it was well lit and very different.

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