Sunday, October 4, 2009


That is Bon Apetit in Polish.

For our last night in Pittsburgh, Joanne made a Polish feast. It was a dream come true for me to be dining there on Polish Hill in a Polish house with such great people. I love the ethnic food and rightfully I was made fun of for my gushing, but I think it has to do with the heart and emotion that goes into it. And I feel that. Truly. There is something powerful about sharing a meal with people, but when you know someone put in such effort because you were there and made this to please you it is extra special.

Joanne's son Rich and his wife Karyn were able to stay for dinner which made it even better. (After Primanti's - 'Bring it on!!!")

We started off with HOMEMADE Czernina which is essentially Duck Blood Soup. It was wonderful. Sort of a hunter-style soup with duck and noodles and prunes and well, duck's blood. The soup's name derives from the word czarny which means "black."

Then we had HOMEMADE pierogi with dried cottage cheese. It was heaven. I had about 4 huge ones. I will think of these often. Karyn remarked that they were Joanne's best! They were great. We also had Polish spareribs and Polish broccoli with Polish Cheddar cheese and Polish carrot cake to finish.

Oh and I polished off a "Pittsburgh's Own" Klondike Bar! Have you had one lately? They are amazing.

It was a lovely meal and then it was time for the Steelers game!

Richard, Joanne, Marian, Karyn, and Rich

Rich and Karyn. They will go on my "Top Ten Couples of the Year" list this year. (Along with Paul and Jordan from next door, of course!) I could do a whole blog post on them frankly. But it would be gushy on my part! Wonderful people. We had such a good time today.

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