Friday, October 2, 2009

Carnegie Art Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

Andrew by Andy (Warhol does Carnegie)

Marian and I went to the Carnegie Art Museum today. Okay, so I can play the jaded New Yorker "I live right by some of the best galleries in the world" card, but 1. that is not my style and 2. this place blew me away. I loved it. The collection was great and I could feel the civic pride for it as well. I can't say how really, but I could. Perhaps for starters there were also a lot of Pittsburgh painters featured which I loved.

One of the many old plaster reproductions in the amazing Hall of Sculpture.

A personal favorite, of course "Highland Hollow" by John Kane.

Before the expansion, Marian was chosen as a little boy for his talent and was invited to come to the Art Museum to study painting and drawing. It was exciting to know that he had been taught here and here we were all these years later.

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