Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day and Nothing

Was there a parade today here in New York? I missed it.

Just another gorge Autumn day in the Grande Pomme.

Today was the day I said I would do nothing. Much to my surprise, I am a very busy or busied guy. So today I would just watch HULU.

And then I worked on my freelance project and got into that.

And then somehow I ended up doing 3 hours of back to back classes at the gym.

First was Masala Bhangra Work Out! Yes Indian Dancing like in the movies! You laugh, but it is killer and probably my new fave class.

Then I did an hour of mat Pilates and than and hour of Cardio Salsa.

I was pooped, but happy.

Thanks Columbus for coming here and finding this place so that I could do Indian and Salsa dancing!

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