Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Missing Check

I went to CHASE Bank to deposit 3 checks that I had. I filled out the deposit slip in advance and then decided to return calls on the way to the bank and multi-task.

A recent study says that most people accomplish less by trying to do more than one thing at a time. For me this is becoming increasingly true. I burn pots on the stove while wrapping gifts and I forget what I am doing half way to the bathroom with one sock in my fist. No idea.

And today I was yakking and pulled out my folded checks and one (the one I really needed) was missing! How can this be? I folded them carefully.

I look on the floor and cannot find it. I IMMEDIATELY go to George Bailey mode when Potter steals the Savings and Loan Deposit and George goes into despair and tries to jump off a bridge. ( I no longer have a middle ground) I retrace my steps all the way back home and NOTHING. I call to get the issuer to issue a stop payment. (I am thorough and I have stopped multi-tasking) But while I am on the phone I get 3 calls. The phone will someday do my head in.

One of the calls was from CHASE! Someone found my check on the street and turned it in. I said, "OMG, thank you! I will come down straight away. And Ken at Chase says don't worry I will deposit it straight away for you."

I love you old SAVINGS AND LOAN!!!

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