Monday, March 31, 2008

Go Blog, Young Man

My friend and colleague Fred Seibert of, and Channel Frederator once told me in a two hour meeting, "Go Blog." I went to Nickelodeon Studios in Burbank, CA to meet with him when he was out from New York. My most excellent pal Kevin Kolde who is a producer with Fred set this up. I thought that this would be for a job. I prayed it would be for a job. We talked for a bit and then he told me I should blog. No job, just blog.

I asked why. "Go Blog"

I asked how. "Go Blog."

I asked why again and where is the men's room. "Go blog and down hall to left."

Driving home I felt I had sold the cow and left with a few magic bullshit beans.

I did remember a few things from our meeting he told me:

1. Blog frequently if not every day.

2. Write briefly as people will read you more.

3. Have a photo, some sort of visual.

4. Most importantly have a POV. Become an expert on something like beans or cows. Be the Go to Cow Blogger.

I heeded very little of this, but I still think he is right.

When I was moving to New York I decided to take that as a reason to blog. I would blog about my move to New York. Not VERY POV at all. I am not an expert on moving to New York and staying here. Hey, maybe I am, I am still here!

I DO write every day. I do most always include a visual. I have no idea why I do it or where it will go, but it gets me writing and "publishing" every day and I like that. The exposure, I am not so sure about. I just have to know that what I post I would stand by to an employer, a friend, a workmate and a stranger. And the IRS, FBI, etc. And I do.

I do not stay brief. And perhaps I need to start another more POV blog to work on this.

When I was sitting in Fred's office he told me what a network tool it is too. He usually takes a photo of the people he meets and blogs about them and then they are part of his universe and he increases their "Googlability" He did mine:

Except he changed the text and took out my VP credit. Fred, what are you thinking?!

Anyway, I thank him for telling me to "Go Blog." It has been good.

Yesterday's New York Times had an article entitled "Why Blog? Reason No. 92: Book Deal." I know the blog that sold. It was a POV blog, shortish with photos. It is called "Stuff White People Like" And is cringibly spot on.

So, Fred, thanks. I will do you proud one of these days, but I am in cyber action now and that can't be bad. And I love the fact that he will read this as I am certain he has his sites RSSd or Google Alerted or whatever is in Chapter 2 of all this that I don't know yet.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wrong Trousers OR Annie Hall and Chris Farley Had a Baby

17659 Steps

I need new clothes to wear as I pursue my next gig. Wouldn't you know that just like Summer, job hunting does not coincide with the unavailing of my new, svelte body? I am still a BEFORE PICTURE. And who wants to get clothes then? No one! But I will have to drop cash before trou and get something that works for now.

I had planned on going to Century 21 or Filene's to see what I could find in the way of passable chic. But standing right in front of me was my good friend Sean who happens to be a former stylist for GQ. Why not ask him what to do. He took me to Banana Republic and we found really nice light wool trousers that would work perfectly for my meeting, evenings out and maybe even an ice cream social.

Perfect. I won't take them.

Why? Because this was the first place and they were full price. I want to find baggy knock offs at half the quality and price.

Sadly I come from the Maternity Wear for Men school of Fashion. I wear baggy everything. Annie Hall and Chris Farley had a baby. The saggier the ass the more at home I am. Clothes that will age me ten years? Count me in! My old boss said straight guys are afraid to wear clothes that fit. Going with his theory, I am downright Kinsey 0. I guess he didn't factor in gay guys with no taste.

Anyway, the waist size on this template pair was too big and the salesperson suggested I try down. What? I want to go up! They didn't have down so we went to another Banana on 5th Avenue. We walked the few blocks and I thought how there was a Weight Watchers leader getting their wings right at this very moment. A Waist Size Down. Music to me arse. Well, sadly not really.

They had my size and the pants looked great. I was up on the wooden stand with the three-sided mirror looking all Leslie Ann Warren ready to go. If this were a reality show and Sean were the host I would be the duckling/swan who burst into inappropriate tears at wearing proper-fitting clothing. I want to, I see that it looks way better, but I feel safer in my Burka by Dockers. But America applauds and I acquiesce.

And the pants, unlike in the other store, were on SALE. A word that crosses all weight classes. Sean had brought me to where I needed to be and I held out my hand with the plastic and said "Shaquanda, I'll take 'em."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Life Is But a Dream

I have written before about how for me living in New York City is like being in a backlot musical - That kind of feeling of walking down the street and knowing someone is going to break into a song about newspapers or bagels and people then jeté off the landings of brownstones. I am afraid to find it a poem as well at the risk of getting all Carrie Bradshaw derivative. But hell, if I do, I say they hire me to promote the film. Nonetheless, it was great that a woman at work told me that she never felt the way I do about New York. I loved hearing that because it made me feel that my feelings were honest and mine.

Always wanted to write a play or movie with this title. Loved the sign as well.

It was another sunny, glorious cool Spring day as I lifted the blinds to the morning and made my coffee. More buds are creeping onto the trees and more daffodils are appearing in flowerboxes. The winter is over and we are entering a season in New York that is completely new to me. I had an appointment around Union Square (ever notice how having "an appointment" or even moreso "a procedure" always sounds mysterious and a little cloak and dagger mixed with shame?)

Now I just made it worse. You are focused on my appointment rather than the Spring day. It was really nothing. It wasn't therapy. It wasn't a dalliance. I didn't have anything removed, I didn't have anything injected and I didn't donate anything or sell anything to buy heroin. But I am still not going to say. It's a secret.

Spring, people, back on Spring. Where was I? On my way to Union Square right. I passed by this taxi driver fixing the Puerto Rican flag to the top of his taxi. I didn't think their parade was right after ours. Did they win a basketball game? If you are walking in a regular city you just notice this and keep going, but if you are in a backlot musical city you say (or sing) "Good morning, can I take your photo?" Usually there is a song and then a dance, and then a big production number, in this instance with a Puerto Rican flavor, and after about 10 minutes you go to a commercial break and the whole thing is but a memory.

Commercial break.

Scratch and Sniff Photo

I met a friend and we had lunch at Taralucci e Vino on 18th Street. It was really great. I had never been before. Long wooden tables, loads of light, people all over and good food and coffee. I will go back. I then went to the Farmer's Market on Union Square and loved all the fruit and veg and people. I will disclose only to you that I was busted talking to myself by this guy hanging around the bin of Braeburn apples and in my never-ending pathetic need to not be seen as a freak I told him that I was talking to myself and he rightfully turned away and probably ran. Later in another part of the market I completely body-checked this guy by accident and he turned around and it was him! I again wanted to say something like "Oh my God, you must think I am a total weirdo following you around!" But I thought, even though it was not true, it didn't need to be said. And then I thought "You are in New York City and there are loads of freaks and today you are one. No need to explain."

That evening I was at my very first loft party in Noho. I never thought Noho existed and now I see it everywhere. It was a great party with great food and loads of people. I talked to Bridget and Eileen in the far corner. Eileen was in the St. Pat's parade as was I. Bridget has gone ever since she was a little girl. Turns out Eileen's brother lives in Noe Valley in San Francisco where I used to live and we talked about the coffee on 24th Street. Her niece even went to the same high school in the city that I did! All this conversation in a loft in New York. I was with Sean, Frank, Pat and John and saw Mark there and met Mike and his wife Matia who were really cool. Vi threw the party and it was an excellent affair. Another excellent production number.

I left and took the B train home. Which is a lie to anyone who knows the B doesn't run on the weekends. OKAY, I took the D train. And transferred to the A at 59th. (Can't you just see Danny Kaye singing a great comic number about the B is not the D and the D is not the C and if you knew that you would get an A?)

Crane shot of sleepy Noho street, lovers walking hand and hand out of frame, THE END and FADE.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh the Drama of It ALL!!! The Drama! Did you hear me? The Drama!!

For my whole, entire, complete, entire whole life in New York City, I have come to this office tower in midtown and whooshed through the revolving doors with so many 100s of other workers, scuttled through my wallet in the lobby to get my shiny Photo ID out, flashed it to the dispassionate guards and hit the elevator bank on the far side from where I entered to shoosh up in the express car to the 8th floor. I then slid my card through two security doors and got to my desk where I clicked on my computer, put my bag down and took off my coat. I plucked an oatmeal packet out of the box at my desk and headed to the kitchen to make a pot of steaming Starbucks and breakfast of whole grain wallpaper paste.

So started most every day of my entire life in New York City. And I loved it.

I was Cary Grant at the beginning of "North by Northwest." Alright, already...with a dash of Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl."

Today was the last day of all of this. This was my last day at work. No more shooshing, scuttling, whooshing or flashing. No more Cary. No more Melanie. No more plucking.

Cara took me to Better Burger for lunch and we talked about life. It was appropriate since that was what I was going to have to deal with. Out onto the streets of New York after downing an organic patty on a whole wheat bun accompanied by wholistic oven fries and a mango-soy smoothie. The streets, my new home. The pavement, my new treadmill. And with any luck, not my new bed. I was leaving the nursery and needed to learn to fly.

Back at work, I said farewell to Jennie over the phone. I hung up the receiver and a tear dropped onto the handset. It rolled down onto the desk and evarporated like so many brilliant scheduling ideas. I hugged my cubicle neighbors, Jordan and Jessie, so tightly I think I could hear Jessie's rib crack along with Jordan's resolve. If I had on "guyliner" at this point it was all down my shirt making me look like I was wearing a Pollock. I slouched down the hall. My boss, who hates to hug, let me hug him. This gift to me caused me to sniffle. I could feel his muscles through his suit jacket, but then I realized it was just rigidity. My wailing led to that clear muscusy tear snot running out my nose and down the left shoulder of his Paul Smith worsted suit jacket. He held me pieta-style as my knees buckled. I felt beyond dignified.

Okay, maybe I exaggeratd a bit on all this. I had a great last day. I worked in the greatest place for six wonderful months. I said goodbye to everyone and I feel so good about my time there. And I will see them all again someday, I am sure.

Monday, actually, as I am going in at 5pm for a quick wrap up with the CEO.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Sally Field All Over Myself

I cannot really even write about this night. It will only end up sounding like a bad Oscar thank you speech where I forget to thank my wife. And sincerity only sounds mawkish in print. Oh well, here goes:

It was my night out for finishing off work. I was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, good wishes, good will and good times. I have to say I worked with some really smart, funny, fantastic folks and I cannot believe it has only been 6 months. My boss, Christian, put this together and it was something I would not have thought of wanting or doing, but it was so spot on thoughtful and perfect. I should always trust that boy's taste! Thank you, Christian.

And my colleague whom I adore (don't tell her as I will blush), Jennie, postponed going to home to the Baby That Changed My Life, Eli, to come and have a drink and a toast with me. She is the best. And when I look around the room in my mind I have this strong and personal connection with all these people. I am truly leaving a family. ( see I told you it would just be mawk, mawk sounding.) The CEO, Larry came with his son! This guy has more on his plate than I have at Thanksgiving and he was there and gave me a toast more than I deserve and Laura the GM who set me up with a fantastic meeting came. I have learned so much from her when I shut up and pay attention.

And Jerry who is the head legal counsel came after a board meeting and no sleep for weeks. He is my oldest pal from here! And sweet and lovely Sarah B whom I have no idea how she stays as nice as she is and the quick-witted Sarah WW who kept me laughing and on point(s) and M.E. my partner in crime on all the nasty bits in films that we had to screen and my excellent neighbors Jessie the glue of Tribeca who lights up our hood with her charisma and Jordan the Dry and Perfect and Mala who is my new PR agent of love and Cara who is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met not to mention my NYC foodie mama.

And Gail who gave me the most beautiful tulips and has helped me in so many ways both professionally and personally! And Sam who I adore and think the world of. The world! And Dru who is so sweet and shares a Bay Area love with me. A Berkeley Girl!

And Marica who has been so nice and supportive and hooked me UP! I hope we see each other on the UWS and in life! And amazing Corey the boy who is the absolute KING of water cooler trivia and is just a lovely guy. I hope he gets all he wants. And I missed Katie who went to Wisco and Ian who is in Jamaica and Steven who got lost.

Whew. See? It is just too much. I had a grand night out with these folks and they are my first full family of New York. Who knows how it all plays out from here? I am set on a path and I hope I am able to be as supportive and helpful to them down the road as they have been to me. I know I got to work somewhere special.

When you love the product and the people it is almost like working at Magnolia Bakery with Jesus! (huh? See? I told you this whole mess would just go off a cliff and I would sound like a buffoon who is so undeserving of praise. )

I need sleep. Thanks everyone you are the finest. xo P

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jon OUT, John and Chris IN.

Pat and Jon, lifelong pals in Times Squares in the Big Apple. No war just over, no dames to dip. Just us.

Jon left on a Jet Plane today. We got to pose in Times Square after lunch. I will miss him, but before I could say "what am I going to do with myself?!!" John and Chris were in from LA and we arranged to meet for dinner. This whole line is funny to me since they lived in New York for years and I am so new and I, of course, lived in LA for years. A complete turnaround, really. "What do you mean I pick the restaurant, YOU pick the restaurant!"

It was wonderful to see them. John and I became friends in LA and I think he is the just the dreamiest, nicest guy and then I find out he has Wisconsin blood and it just figures, doesn't it?And Chris, his partner, is a great guy too. We found out last night we may do business together. Who knows! Who knows!? Anyway, over pizza, crab cakes and salad at the Film Center Cafe on 9th, I felt blessed in their presence. But I knew where I stood as they were off to see Patti Lupone in "Gypsy" after me and I just knew my place. A guy doesn't try to compete with that.

Pat, John, Chris

Chris and John are going to move to Long Beach, CA where my dear friends Greg and George live so being the uber connector that I am, I have to hook them up to meet and dine. I think they would all enjoy each other. And my over-functioning heart would be so pleased.

For some odd reason it was a balmy night in Manhattan and I walked home in a sweater, coat and a sweat.

I don't like to talk about this in public because I don't want to embarrass or single out or threaten, but when I got home Jon left the most pristine apartment I have ever seen. All houseguests after him have a bar so high, I just don't know if it will be possible. And fanned out magazines! Match that!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Feel It in My CHEEEST

Jon and I went to see "Xanadu" on Broadway last night. A hoot and a holler and a hoot. It was that kind of show that if you give into the extreme inanity of the thing you just have the greatest time you have had in ages. The cast was top notch and played it for the yucks. As I was with the film, I remain in eternal disbelief.

I remember when I went with Lana and Eric to see some like 25 year Anniversary screening of the film, I was utterly gobsmacked at how a story about a Venice beach roller skating surf-dude artist who loses faith in himself and is rescued by a muse posing as an Australian exchange student in leg warmers could ever happen. But when you think about how hot disco and Olivia were back then, you know it was a market researcher's orgasm. All this and disco and Gene Kelly. Gene is replaced by Tony Roberts here, but this stage show pretty much fills that rollerskating disco need. It scratches that muse beach combo itch. Wow.
The title of this entry is from when Kira/Muse is kissed by Sonny Malone the hunky artist for the first time and says in her Australian accent disguise, "I feel it in my CHEEST." (chest. the kiss. She feels the sensation of the kiss in her chest.)

Afterwards we went to 44X for dinner. This place was almost as gay as the play we just saw with white walls, Miami beach white chairs and a load of men in suits whose wives must have all been out of town at the same time. Jon had the skate which we thought was a sign from Zeus. Get it?
"Skate > skating>Olivia in legwarmers>Xanadu?"
Full circle evening.

"Now that I'm here, now that you're near. In Xanadu...."

Monday, March 24, 2008


In my constant quest for knowledge... . Scratch that. As you all know I am always seeking to improve myself... Nah. I have a thirst for life and education in such abundance that I... blecch.

I don't know. I just saw that there was a panel on Web 2.0 and wanted God, the Great Stone Monkey and all my handlers to notice that I am getting out there and mingling whilst edumacating myself.

Mingling. That word is so TACTILE. It screams for PURELL. I feel my shoulders up at my ears and I am wearing a wet bathing suit and I am telling you about ME. Arrggghhh! This is about the virtual world yet you still want to shake my real hand in real time?
Anyway, this panel was excellent, EXCELLENT and I learned so much about interactivity on the web, social networking, promoting one's business in a cyber fashion. I learned about the downside to virtual dishonesty. I learned about sharing aps, RSS readers and Brand Evangelism. Please, I already knew about widgets. I am all about widgets.

There is a whole world out there. And there is a whole world in here. It is amazing where we are going. I am cautiously fascinated by the cyber world, as long as I know how to get out of it (and know what to get out of it!). I think a marriage of the two worlds is entirely possible. It would be my first!

And so I stuck my big toe a little further into a world that is new to me and delightful things happened. And I learned. And I grew.

Gotta go do a Google map mash up!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Man. Hat. In. Goes VLOG! On Easter No Less!

22,359 Steps

Andy being interviewed by The New York Post
Easter morning. Jon pulled that damned jet-lag card again and slept in while I went out to gather the traditional Upper West Side Easter breakfast of H & H bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon from Zabar's.

The good boy had the coffee ready when I got back and we had a feast before heading to St. Pat's to meet Sean in the throngs of Easter Paraders. There were people in big Easter bonnets a go-go and loads of on-lookers like us. Sean's friend Andy was there with his VAST collection of Easter bonnets made out of Metro Cards. ALL METRO CARDS. Amazing. Sort of Beach Blanket Babylon goes on public transport. And he and his mom were there to let everyone try the hats on. It was a such a lovely gesture and people really enjoyed it. Just what Jesus would have done had he had loads of metro cards and not been behind a rock for 3 days.

Metro Card Hats

Speaking of which, like one of those German cuckoo clocks at a certain time the massive doors of St. Patrick's opened on to 5th Avenue and a gaggle of alter boys poured out followed by Cardinal Egan with his mitre and staff. He spoke to the throngs, but he wasn't miked and I could not hear a word. All the chaos and colors made for quite a scene.

Cardinal Egan pops out to say hello.

Folks, regular readers of my blog, thanks to my videographer pal and visual genius, Sean, I present for your enjoyment?, my first real VLOG. I had one earlier by accident when Paula came to town, but this is a real produced one.

Cool, huh? I just need a few lessons on "on-camera" technique like not mumbling, but it is a start! Sean how much will you charge to be my vlogographer?

This evening after going home and "changing hats" Jon and I met Giovanna & Co. for dinner. Giovanna and I met in Rome 4 years ago through our friend David who lives there. Giovanna was in town for a reunion of friends who all used to live and work in fashion in Italy. People came from the UK, US, Italy and Australia. Jon and I managed to just jump on this chic bandwagon. A really fun night out with them. And it turns out Richard from NYC via the UK knows Jon's friend Isadora in LA. Fashion just makes the mondo more picolo.

Robert (Milan) Jon (San Francisco) Pat (New York) Giovanna (London) Stefan (Ft. Lauderdale) Richard (New York)
Giovanna art directed this shot, yet could not look away. I take instruction well.

Pumpkin. Bed.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Sturgeon King & I

19,418 Steps

Some days were made for smoked fish, ya know? It was a bright, clear, sunny sturgeony kind of morning when we awoke. So off it was to Barney Greengrass around the corner up Amsterdam. Great place, untouched since your dad used to take you hunting when you were a kid kind of atmosphere with wallpaper that wasn't considered vintage when it went up and coffee in those cups with rims thicker than you now like, but make you long for the past. And here you got it. It may not be your past, but it feels good.

Jon loitering outside of Barney Greengrass. Hmm? Fishy.

Spring is more than threatening so I have given up my wish for more snow and I am embracing the Frisbee, tennis, potting soil vibe. Central Park, my backyard, was in full starting to bloom glory when we walked through. I do not think I will ever tire of its charms. Or its people-watching.

Folks, does it get better than this?

Jon with Tiny Girl Leaning on His Shoulder.

To paraphrase Sally Field, "Do I live here? Do I really live here?"

We managed down to the Bowery to go to the New Museum. Way cool. If you click on the link in the previous sentence you can really get the perspective of the building itself. A series of boxes stacked in the Bowery. Skid Row Chic. The place was indeed cool and the view of the lower East Side from the 7th floor outdoor was amazing. We looked at old clothes tied up with string and thought "Wow. Powerful."

Atop the New Museum building. Do I live here as well? Do I really live here? Amazing.

That evening we met my friend Robin and the three of us went to see "Passing Strange" at the Belasco Theatre. It is a musical about one man's journey as a musician from South Central LA through Amsterdam and Berlin and back. We thought "Wow. Powerful."

Jon, Robin, Pat on subway passing strangers on the way home from the theataaaaahhhh. Gosh we all look so healthy. This could be our Christmas card photo if it all weren't so complicated.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Giovanni a Nova York

8804 Steps

Jon arrived from San Francisco today just as I was getting off of work. So great to see him waiting outside my brownstone with his smiling face in all his stylish glory. [Great coat, perfect luggage, all noticeable to a the right exact point where it blends in just right with the urban landscape. That perfect balance that he always has.] We went to high school together and I feel so grateful that we have been in each others' lives all these years. I often feel a Goofus to his Gallant, but maybe that is what has made our friendship work all these years! (Can't we switch places once in a while, Jon?!) We always have a great laugh and that is key. [watch this space for later on in his visit!!!]

It was down to the East Village tonight to what my colleague said was the best pizza anywhere in the city. She was SO right. Una Pizza Napoletana on East 12th is the like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. There are no substitutions, only four choices, nothing else on the menu, no salads, etc. But what you get is this sublime pizza experience that you know was created by a craftsman. An artisan, I tell you. And he is open from 5pm until he runs out of dough. That sort of thing. But so worth the trip, the wait, the weight, and the expense.

Jon with his people

Afterwards we took Cara's further instructions and had a dolci at DeRobertis Pasticceria and Caffe on 1st Avenue at 10th. It has been there since 1904 and is a great trip back in time. You can tell that the great-grandchildren are weighing out your biscotti and the grandson is making you your perfect espresso.


A quick whip round to see Ron at OG Restaurant on E. 6th as he was in the neighborhood. I just wanted Jon and Ron to meet and we ended up sitting down and having a great blether over exotic desserts, ginger tea and port. Ron gave us great local tips and even drove our tired carcasses home. As my dear friend Lisa always says, "I (she says I for her, but I say it for me here) have just the most wonderful friends, I am so blessed."


Thursday, March 20, 2008

In the Heights

Hilary and I went to see this musical last night called "In the Heights" at the Richard Rogers. First off I want to say I love seeing theatre in New York because the theatres are smaller and I feel more connected to the stage. This is a traditional Broadway theatre house AND it didn't hurt that we had excellent seats.

A Whole Lotta Great.

The star Lin-Manuel Miranda also wrote the music and lyrics. This is a 28 year old guy with a lotta talent I have to say. When I first heard the rap coming out of his mouth about life in the hood/barrio my candywrapper-crinkling fogey self thought "Homey ain't gonna like dis." It was great. Great energy, great use of musical styles, dance, etc. The set is great and I basically had a great time. Yes, some is predictable in that musical theatre "Okay she's got to die so he can live and he can't go anywhere because he has to be with her so we can exit feeling good" kind of way. But no matter. It was great.

And half way through as I was listening to the old woman belt out her show-stopping number alone on stage I thought, "Oh, my God! She's not old. I know her! That's Olga. We had lunch. I have been to her house!" I never tend to know Broadway stars. She is a friend of my friend Paul's and we met when we both went to see him in a show he was doing in New York.

As Hilary and I left we passed by the stage door and there she was signing autographs. We hugged and it was so cool.

To complete the total theatre thing, Hilary and I went for a drink at Joe Allen's where we saw Harry Belafonte come in the door after us.

A great night on the Great White Way and it was good to see Hispanics and new style enter the world of the musical theatre. Now to get the Scottish out of our Brigadoon phase.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"We Don't Have a Gay Problem in My Community..." How About Yours?

Representative Sally Kern, Republican of Oklahoma City, drew national attention last week when a January speech she gave before a Republican club in Oklahoma City was posted on the Internet. In the speech, she said homosexuality was “the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam.” Mrs. Kern, the wife of a Baptist minister, has refused to apologize for her remarks. New York Times, March 19, 2008

A "gay PROBLEM"? Sounds like someone needs an exterminator quick. "We've got a gay problem at 4th and Sycamore. This building is going to have to be tented." STUDIES SHOW that societies that totally embrace homosexuality don't last more than TWO DECADES. No wonder 4 out 5 dentists prefer straight people. AND gays are going after two year olds. TWO YEAR OLDS? I was told by the Big Gay Agenda to go after 3 year olds and that is exactly what I am doing. Two year olds? Please!

Gays have more suicides, are more discouraged? IS IT NO WONDER, REP. KERN? IS IT NO BLOODY WONDER?

Some assholes are more equal than others indeed.

Yes, REPUBLICAN Representative OF THE PEOPLE, Sally Kern, has stated that she thinks homosexuality is worse for the United States than terrorism. I remember well when gays lit cans of Final Net and threw them into the stairwells of the Twin Towers and all those people died. It was awful.

This is not some dumbass speaking this crap. This is an elected official. (Did I just write that?) Sure she has a right to speak her mind, but if she is representing me I would do whatever I could to make sure she was sent packing in the next election. Or even immediately. But it seems more and more if you send people to their deaths or encourage others to kill them you are okay in this country. Just don't have sex outside of marriage or we will crucify your hatin' ass.

Fear and hate are so often confused for Patriotism. See: Bush/Cheney/Powell and their Power Point Presentation of Falsehoods that continues to get loads of our citizens killed for a lie. See Adolf Hitler and his killing of Jews under the guise of what is good for the German People. And Rep. Kern says that I want to target two year olds. For what I shudder to think.

So to steal the fervor of Howard Beale in "Network": Get out of your chairs, go to your windows, your schools, your workplaces, your kids, your friends and STAND UP. SPEAK UP. VOTE. Peoples' lives do truly depend on it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dead Man Blogging

My consultant gig is in its last weeks, throws, gasps and I am kind of redundant already. I go into work, do the professional version of wearing my boxers, kicking the dog off the chair, logging in and surfing. Not a bad gig, but somewhat mind numbing. My excellent boss totally encourages me to be working on my next gig which is what I am doing.

My workmates took me out to a farewell lunch today at Meskerem, an Ethiopian on W. 47th. It was my idea, the place, not the lunch. I wanted something "interactive." And the untensiless cuisine is truly that. I think this is foreshadowing for my next career which will be very interactive OR really messy. The food was good and the craic was great. I work with a lot of really intelligent people and I don't just say that in case they are reading, [hi there, you look so great in that blue thing. It really suits you!] it is true. And with that you get some really quick-witted banter. Love that. Intellect combined with paws covered in lentil gunk is just up my alley. We had a great meal and a great time.

Once again I am truly blessed.

Left at 5 today and walked home. The walk and the hour early departure made a world of difference in my life. I was able to get home and work, shop, clean and eat and watch and go to bed. It was heaven. And this is after 6 months of long hours and a lot of work which was very gratifying I must say. It has been a great consultant gig and I hope I get to work with them again.

Wait, I am not out yet. No farewell speeches. Save your hankies for next week.