Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Spitzer Take - Beating Around the Wrong Bush

Dear Governor Spitzer:

I just moved here. I am just getting used to it here and you go and do this?! You hire a prostitute across states lines and funnel cash and cheat on your wife and lie to your family? Who do you think you are, a cardinal? I know this is not really the question, but how do you have the time? Maybe like every New Yorker, I am learning, you order in.

But getting back to really stupid, arrogant shit we have all done, well, we haven't all done this in your position. Though, many, many, many have done this before you, Gov. Spitzer. Many. I don't sit in judgement. I am just gobsmacked. You have a degree from Harvard. You have seen this like 100 times before! And the fact that you tried prostitution rings yourself! Now you have REALLY tried them, haven't you? Your forlorn wife standing by your side on the dais while you do the initial mea cupla dance. So cliche. Like 100 times cliche. There should almost be a wooden cut out of a man and a woman in blue and grey completmentary suits with two holes for the next politician and his wife's heads for, er, insertion.

Why do wives agree to stand there anyway? Haven't they been humiliated enough? Wives, you don't have to do this.

I am not angry, just disappointed. I mean I get it, but when you are in public office you are not above to law, you are beholden to it like the rest of us and you are supposed to uphold it. Unless of course...

That all being said, and you should resign by the way, but I do love how people are calling for your impeachment over breaking the law and nary a peep really to impeach a bigger fish who has actually had people sent to their deaths for his lies and arrogance and tanked the US financially for years to come and broken many a law and spat on the Geneva Convention. ETC!!!

He just never slept with a prostitute.

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