Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Sally Field All Over Myself

I cannot really even write about this night. It will only end up sounding like a bad Oscar thank you speech where I forget to thank my wife. And sincerity only sounds mawkish in print. Oh well, here goes:

It was my night out for finishing off work. I was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, good wishes, good will and good times. I have to say I worked with some really smart, funny, fantastic folks and I cannot believe it has only been 6 months. My boss, Christian, put this together and it was something I would not have thought of wanting or doing, but it was so spot on thoughtful and perfect. I should always trust that boy's taste! Thank you, Christian.

And my colleague whom I adore (don't tell her as I will blush), Jennie, postponed going to home to the Baby That Changed My Life, Eli, to come and have a drink and a toast with me. She is the best. And when I look around the room in my mind I have this strong and personal connection with all these people. I am truly leaving a family. ( see I told you it would just be mawk, mawk sounding.) The CEO, Larry came with his son! This guy has more on his plate than I have at Thanksgiving and he was there and gave me a toast more than I deserve and Laura the GM who set me up with a fantastic meeting came. I have learned so much from her when I shut up and pay attention.

And Jerry who is the head legal counsel came after a board meeting and no sleep for weeks. He is my oldest pal from here! And sweet and lovely Sarah B whom I have no idea how she stays as nice as she is and the quick-witted Sarah WW who kept me laughing and on point(s) and M.E. my partner in crime on all the nasty bits in films that we had to screen and my excellent neighbors Jessie the glue of Tribeca who lights up our hood with her charisma and Jordan the Dry and Perfect and Mala who is my new PR agent of love and Cara who is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met not to mention my NYC foodie mama.

And Gail who gave me the most beautiful tulips and has helped me in so many ways both professionally and personally! And Sam who I adore and think the world of. The world! And Dru who is so sweet and shares a Bay Area love with me. A Berkeley Girl!

And Marica who has been so nice and supportive and hooked me UP! I hope we see each other on the UWS and in life! And amazing Corey the boy who is the absolute KING of water cooler trivia and is just a lovely guy. I hope he gets all he wants. And I missed Katie who went to Wisco and Ian who is in Jamaica and Steven who got lost.

Whew. See? It is just too much. I had a grand night out with these folks and they are my first full family of New York. Who knows how it all plays out from here? I am set on a path and I hope I am able to be as supportive and helpful to them down the road as they have been to me. I know I got to work somewhere special.

When you love the product and the people it is almost like working at Magnolia Bakery with Jesus! (huh? See? I told you this whole mess would just go off a cliff and I would sound like a buffoon who is so undeserving of praise. )

I need sleep. Thanks everyone you are the finest. xo P

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Tony Westbrook said...

YOU deserve all of this and MORE!!! All those people came because of YOU! YOU are the common denominator! So, Kudos and Accolades deserved!

HP will guide you to your next gig! Keep the faith!