Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Sturgeon King & I

19,418 Steps

Some days were made for smoked fish, ya know? It was a bright, clear, sunny sturgeony kind of morning when we awoke. So off it was to Barney Greengrass around the corner up Amsterdam. Great place, untouched since your dad used to take you hunting when you were a kid kind of atmosphere with wallpaper that wasn't considered vintage when it went up and coffee in those cups with rims thicker than you now like, but make you long for the past. And here you got it. It may not be your past, but it feels good.

Jon loitering outside of Barney Greengrass. Hmm? Fishy.

Spring is more than threatening so I have given up my wish for more snow and I am embracing the Frisbee, tennis, potting soil vibe. Central Park, my backyard, was in full starting to bloom glory when we walked through. I do not think I will ever tire of its charms. Or its people-watching.

Folks, does it get better than this?

Jon with Tiny Girl Leaning on His Shoulder.

To paraphrase Sally Field, "Do I live here? Do I really live here?"

We managed down to the Bowery to go to the New Museum. Way cool. If you click on the link in the previous sentence you can really get the perspective of the building itself. A series of boxes stacked in the Bowery. Skid Row Chic. The place was indeed cool and the view of the lower East Side from the 7th floor outdoor was amazing. We looked at old clothes tied up with string and thought "Wow. Powerful."

Atop the New Museum building. Do I live here as well? Do I really live here? Amazing.

That evening we met my friend Robin and the three of us went to see "Passing Strange" at the Belasco Theatre. It is a musical about one man's journey as a musician from South Central LA through Amsterdam and Berlin and back. We thought "Wow. Powerful."

Jon, Robin, Pat on subway passing strangers on the way home from the theataaaaahhhh. Gosh we all look so healthy. This could be our Christmas card photo if it all weren't so complicated.

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Robin Palmer said...

I'm wearing that same coat in every single picture on your blog. Spring better arrive soon so I can mix it up a bit. Had a great time with you guys on Saturday xx