Friday, March 21, 2008

Giovanni a Nova York

8804 Steps

Jon arrived from San Francisco today just as I was getting off of work. So great to see him waiting outside my brownstone with his smiling face in all his stylish glory. [Great coat, perfect luggage, all noticeable to a the right exact point where it blends in just right with the urban landscape. That perfect balance that he always has.] We went to high school together and I feel so grateful that we have been in each others' lives all these years. I often feel a Goofus to his Gallant, but maybe that is what has made our friendship work all these years! (Can't we switch places once in a while, Jon?!) We always have a great laugh and that is key. [watch this space for later on in his visit!!!]

It was down to the East Village tonight to what my colleague said was the best pizza anywhere in the city. She was SO right. Una Pizza Napoletana on East 12th is the like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. There are no substitutions, only four choices, nothing else on the menu, no salads, etc. But what you get is this sublime pizza experience that you know was created by a craftsman. An artisan, I tell you. And he is open from 5pm until he runs out of dough. That sort of thing. But so worth the trip, the wait, the weight, and the expense.

Jon with his people

Afterwards we took Cara's further instructions and had a dolci at DeRobertis Pasticceria and Caffe on 1st Avenue at 10th. It has been there since 1904 and is a great trip back in time. You can tell that the great-grandchildren are weighing out your biscotti and the grandson is making you your perfect espresso.


A quick whip round to see Ron at OG Restaurant on E. 6th as he was in the neighborhood. I just wanted Jon and Ron to meet and we ended up sitting down and having a great blether over exotic desserts, ginger tea and port. Ron gave us great local tips and even drove our tired carcasses home. As my dear friend Lisa always says, "I (she says I for her, but I say it for me here) have just the most wonderful friends, I am so blessed."


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