Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh the Drama of It ALL!!! The Drama! Did you hear me? The Drama!!

For my whole, entire, complete, entire whole life in New York City, I have come to this office tower in midtown and whooshed through the revolving doors with so many 100s of other workers, scuttled through my wallet in the lobby to get my shiny Photo ID out, flashed it to the dispassionate guards and hit the elevator bank on the far side from where I entered to shoosh up in the express car to the 8th floor. I then slid my card through two security doors and got to my desk where I clicked on my computer, put my bag down and took off my coat. I plucked an oatmeal packet out of the box at my desk and headed to the kitchen to make a pot of steaming Starbucks and breakfast of whole grain wallpaper paste.

So started most every day of my entire life in New York City. And I loved it.

I was Cary Grant at the beginning of "North by Northwest." Alright, already...with a dash of Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl."

Today was the last day of all of this. This was my last day at work. No more shooshing, scuttling, whooshing or flashing. No more Cary. No more Melanie. No more plucking.

Cara took me to Better Burger for lunch and we talked about life. It was appropriate since that was what I was going to have to deal with. Out onto the streets of New York after downing an organic patty on a whole wheat bun accompanied by wholistic oven fries and a mango-soy smoothie. The streets, my new home. The pavement, my new treadmill. And with any luck, not my new bed. I was leaving the nursery and needed to learn to fly.

Back at work, I said farewell to Jennie over the phone. I hung up the receiver and a tear dropped onto the handset. It rolled down onto the desk and evarporated like so many brilliant scheduling ideas. I hugged my cubicle neighbors, Jordan and Jessie, so tightly I think I could hear Jessie's rib crack along with Jordan's resolve. If I had on "guyliner" at this point it was all down my shirt making me look like I was wearing a Pollock. I slouched down the hall. My boss, who hates to hug, let me hug him. This gift to me caused me to sniffle. I could feel his muscles through his suit jacket, but then I realized it was just rigidity. My wailing led to that clear muscusy tear snot running out my nose and down the left shoulder of his Paul Smith worsted suit jacket. He held me pieta-style as my knees buckled. I felt beyond dignified.

Okay, maybe I exaggeratd a bit on all this. I had a great last day. I worked in the greatest place for six wonderful months. I said goodbye to everyone and I feel so good about my time there. And I will see them all again someday, I am sure.

Monday, actually, as I am going in at 5pm for a quick wrap up with the CEO.


Tony Westbrook said...

You will have a new job soon!!! Keep the faith and do the footwork!

Robin Palmer said...

Can't wait to see what the next chapter brings...