Monday, March 24, 2008


In my constant quest for knowledge... . Scratch that. As you all know I am always seeking to improve myself... Nah. I have a thirst for life and education in such abundance that I... blecch.

I don't know. I just saw that there was a panel on Web 2.0 and wanted God, the Great Stone Monkey and all my handlers to notice that I am getting out there and mingling whilst edumacating myself.

Mingling. That word is so TACTILE. It screams for PURELL. I feel my shoulders up at my ears and I am wearing a wet bathing suit and I am telling you about ME. Arrggghhh! This is about the virtual world yet you still want to shake my real hand in real time?
Anyway, this panel was excellent, EXCELLENT and I learned so much about interactivity on the web, social networking, promoting one's business in a cyber fashion. I learned about the downside to virtual dishonesty. I learned about sharing aps, RSS readers and Brand Evangelism. Please, I already knew about widgets. I am all about widgets.

There is a whole world out there. And there is a whole world in here. It is amazing where we are going. I am cautiously fascinated by the cyber world, as long as I know how to get out of it (and know what to get out of it!). I think a marriage of the two worlds is entirely possible. It would be my first!

And so I stuck my big toe a little further into a world that is new to me and delightful things happened. And I learned. And I grew.

Gotta go do a Google map mash up!

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