Saturday, October 3, 2009

Paul and Jordan and Lily

The kindness of strangers no more.

Jordan w/ Lily, Marian, Paul, me at Dozen in Lawrenceville neighborhood. Great place to have coffee and wonderful baked goods.

On this Pittsburgh fantasia trip that I have been on, I have been staying at the home of Paul and Jordan. They are Marian's sister's next door neighbors. These guys never met me before (in fact Jordan thought I was around 80! ... BEFORE he saw me, thank God.) and yet because I am Marian's friend they let me stay in their beautiful home for longer than fish begin to smell. Amazingly kind.

I liked them instantly. (I know they are now reading this! but it is so true.)

They have been so nice and fun and we have had good chats and they have been a wonderful and extremely helpful concierge service to boot! Though they will probably be happy to see the back of me soon I am going to have a hard time not living with them!

Jordan with wonderdog, Lily. She bounds! I love watching her bound!

Marian with Paul, Jordan and Lily.

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