Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The grand Grand Jury


I got a summons to appear for Grand Jury duty. Today was the day.

I had no idea the difference between grand and not so grand jury duty. Now I do.

After the long roll call process I was selected to sit and serve downtown Manhattan. The whole experience is straight out of Law and Order.

I have to serve for 4 weeks, M-F for 3 hours each day. Not a bad gig and I will be interested in the process. Always something out there to learn. And today I did. We had at a very New York training video with Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes (So sad, I miss him) and Sam Waterston from "Law & Order"! What other city gets that I ask you!

The video, DVD rather, explains the history of juries so fascinatingly well. Did you know the Israelites in BC formed a jury group called the Sanhedrins that amounted to 23 men which is the exact number we have today! And English Common Law from centuries ago had 23 on the Grand Jury. We are a part of global tradition when we serve our part. ( I drank all the lovely, historical Kool-Aid gladly.)

The court appointed me Foreperson as well. I fear I will turn into Tracy Flick from "Election" But then I thought, like her, it would be kind of cool if I made cupcakes for my other 22 servers and the warden and brought them tomorrow.

This is about all I will and can say about my service as the rest is sworn to secrecy and I plan to keep my promise.

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