Saturday, October 10, 2009

Charlie the Fantastic!

Tonight I went to my friend Charlie's "Gratitude Party." This has been going on for 16 years and this was my first time.

What fun! Charlie lives in one of the most "New York" apartments I have seen. He designed it and it seems a wonderful throwback to the sophisticated "Man Men" days of Manhattan. I showed up in jeans and a Brooks Brothers collared shirt, but everyone else seemed way more sophisticatedly dressed then I. I loved it. Again, it seemed so throwback New York in the best of ways.
What NICE people. I had a GREAT time. We ate loads of lovely food and mingled and then Charlie had us gather in one room and like Beat poets about to rif, we went around the room and shared what we were grateful for. It was so moving and I teared immediately. Everyone was so open and lovely. It was not "koom-bye-yah" sappy, but just note perfect. The whole night was. And to top it off in a "Waltons Homecoming" kind of way, my friend Bob was there from China! A total surprise. How GREAT it was to see him. Sadly he was back in New York because his mom died. What an important time to have gratitude, I know.

(Bob, Charlie, Pat - The beautiful grandfather clock is older than all of us! Grateful for that!)

For Charlie and Bob and all the people I met and the food and New York City, I remain grateful.

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