Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mail Order Bribe

I had dinner at my friend Bob's last night and asked "What's new?" He said he got his Irish passport and so is now in effect, Irish. And then he told me he became a minister. So in one week Bob is a member of the European Union and can marry people in like 20 states. All from the comfort of his own home.

I am Irish as well and am totally on board with that, but the minister thing just slays me. NOT because I don't think it is fantastic, "I do"--just that I think the whole religion/marriage thing is a sham. His niece is getting married and wants "Uncle Bobby" to marry her. I think it must be so much nicer when you have someone you know and care about marry you rather than some minister you picked from a catalog. NOT that that cannot be nice too. (Oy, I am feeling controversy and being misunderstood here!) It is just funny that "we" (meaning "they") are SO protective of religion and "sanctity of marriage" yet you can become a "man of the cloth" by mail with no training whatsoever.

And Bob, like me, is not even legal in New York State to get married himself, religiously or otherwise. But NOW gays can marry, they just can't get married!

And all for $19.95! No joke. Bob opted for the deluxe pack which was $40. "The Complete Minister Ceremonial Ordination" package from The First Nation Ministry. I am not sure what the deluxe package gives you, but it does come with free shipping, a certificate suitable for framing as well as a 'MINISTER PARKING" sign for your car window!! He showed me! What fun!

I am going to get into bed with my laptop and credit car and become a train conductor...

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