Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nelson - The Fabulous

My pal Nelson is now bi-coastal and we will be neighbors half of the year!

We planned tonight to meet for dinner and 8 others joined. It was a great night and I met so many really fun people. That is the Nelson touch I have to say. He knows how to pull 'em together.

Three of us talked about how to get rid of mice. Peanut butter seems to be the common thread.

I met a really WONDERFUL woman whom Nelson was in "One Life to Live" with years ago.

His good friend Glen and I both have Glaswegian mothers!

Vick lives in an area called Rambo (Right After the Manhattan Bridge)

Gemma works here for Australia Channel 7 and loves New York in that same newbie way I do!

And Nelson lives in my friend Andy's building and they went out on a date! How small a world is that?!

Maria and I talked grocery stores. She has issues with Whole Foods and hates Trader Joes. We agreed on Fairway or it would have been testy.

And James is a cranial-sacral guy and swears he can cure my balance problems! How great would that be?!

Oh, buy Nelson's books!

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