Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maine Tenants

It has been SUCH a great holiday up here in Maine with Ellie, Mary and Tot. I will never forget this. And Mary's concierge skills have not gone unnoticed. She landed us the best place to stay in Ogunquit and found the greatest places to eat down to tonight's EXCELLENT ice cream shop. And great theatre with backstage star access. She even got us a deal on our rental car. It is a skill and a talent and much appreciated by all of us. What a fabulous time it has been.

Here is where we stayed: Terrace by the Sea Wonderful rooms, wi-fi, excellent breakfast with ocean view, lovely staff and amazing access to town.

Tonight we went to dinner at the Blue Water Inn right on the beach. Mary and I had the twin lobster dinner and it was fabuuuu!!! Messy and tasty and wonderful.

Mary, Ellie, Pat and Tot.

Grabby critters these Maine lobster. Tot's claw can be seen in lower right of photo.

Don't we look like we're dining in a kindergarten classroom with the green and the picket fence?! it was actually outside with plastic windows to cover us from the rain and so the lobster wouldn't jump ship.

I feel SO bummed to leave tomorrow. But that is a sign of a good time and great company.

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