Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tennis and Technology

Ellie called to say the US Open's Women's Final was on at 9pm Eastern. I, of course, have no television so I said thanks and quickly scrambled to find how I could view it on-line. It was on ESPN2 and they were offering nothing. Then I googled the event and saw some odd sign up and pay sites. Finally I just went to the United States Tennis Association site and "voila" I was in business.

Thank you USTA and sponsors for offering this free on-line worldwide with commentary by the fantastic Virginia Wade (great story, hers) and some dude who escapes me. What a great match between Kim "Wild Card/New Mum" Clijsters and Caroline "I can speak PERFECTING in English, Danish and Polish" Wozniacki. I was thrilled sitting there watching these two and seeing how sportswomanlike they were to each other and the game of tennis. Fantastic.

I was even able to reduce my screen and read info on-line whilst watching. I am in love with the internet I fear! And the photo is a "GRAB" from my mac which I learned right then and there how to do and post to this blog.

Ah tennis and technology, how I love thee both!

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