Wednesday, September 16, 2009

USS Intrepid

Clint's dad was a Commander on the USS Intrepid, the aircraft carrier built for use beginning in WWII and finally decommissioned in 1974. It is now a museum docked on a pier off Manhattan in the Hudson River.

I felt it was a great tribute to Clint's dad to go there and see this amazing structure. I felt honored in a way. I had no real appreciation before for its massive size and its dynamic history. Louis, a veteran of the Navy, is a volunteer and gave us a personal tour for what felt like 4 hours. He really knew his stuff and was really passionate about sharing. Really passionate.

Once Amy sprung that Clint's dad was on this aircraft carrier Clint got to register his info in the official log and got a packet to give to his dad. For lack of a better vocabulary on my part - it was neat. Really neat. And it gave me chills.

(Our guide Louis looks on while Clint is on the phone with his parents to get the correct info.)

In a virtual rendering of the the 1973 Cruise Book (sort of a high school year book for Navy personnel) Clint found his very important dad on his own page right there! If you look below on the upper right corner you will see him. Fancy, important uniform! Very cool!

Clint and Amy and our guide Louis pose proudly in front of Clint's dad's page. (He is just right below Louis' elbow!)

All in all it was a fantastic day aboard this moving city. We even got to go in a sub and on a Concorde airplane. And the views of the city from the deck are wonderful.

The cutest couple to ever board a decommissioned aircraft carrier that is now a museum. Hands down.
OMG! They are aiming at the city!!

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