Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bucket List #7 Pittsburgh, PA

Yes, Pittsburgh, PA is on my Bucket List and today I got here. Where some of you want to run a marathon before you die, I wanted to see Pittsburgh with my friend and neighbor from Los Angeles, Marian.

I lived in LA across the street from Marian for 12.5 years before moving to New York 2 years ago. He always told me stories of his life growing up on Polish Hill in Pittsburgh. I had hoped one day we would go and he would show me where he grew up and we would eat Polish food. All this while YOU fun a marathon!

Well today we converged here. He from LA and I from New York. We had not seen each other in a year and it was fantastic to see him! It IS fantastic to see him.

Viva Marian, Viva Pittsburgh, Viva Polish Hill!

Marian and Pat realizing a dream! What a GREAT PAL. I am so blessed. And here I am!!

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