Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Polish Hill

Marian and baby sis, Joanne in front of house they were born in on Polish Hill

Ah, Polish Hill. This is the neighborhood in Pittsburgh where Marian Sarnowski grew up. For me it was quite emotional to see I have to say. I am a sucker for ethnic neighborhoods and immigrant stories and the past in general. I feel the ethnic experience so deeply no matter if is something other than my own. It is because of my own story that I get it, I think.

This is Marian with his baby sister, Joanne, in front of the house that Marian not only grew up in, but was born in! I saw the room where all the kids were born. Now it is the TV and sitting room where Joanne and her husband watch Steelers games and "Two and a Half Men."

Wow. More on Polish Hill as I go on, but here I am and I am so glad.

My first home cooked meal in Pittsburgh. Stuffed Cabbage and mashed potatoes. (potatoes not pictured.) It was Polish manna. Joanne says she will make pierogi for me!

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ren said...

please ask her if she has ever made prune pierogi. i once had a friend who made them and they were one of the most amazing dishes i have ever had. but james (who is polish) has never heard of them and he thinks i'm crazy. i'm not, they are delicious and if you have a good polish cook willing to do it for's worth begging for!