Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Y, Me, and President Obama

I was at the 63rd Street Y tonight taking my zumba class. It was fantastic as always, thank you. Tonight was the President's speech on health care. I got to watch it with a whole crowd of healthy exercisers in the lounge there in my sweaty workout gear. It was electric to be with all these people I didn't know and see that so many people are invested in this. Sometimes I think we are all too blasé in this country or too shrill and ignorant, but here we were all gathered riveted to the television.

I thought he was wonderful AND presidential. I think he is a leader and did not succumb to emotional "get back at the right" behavior that I would have done. I like that he does not rise to the bait, but goes above it. He has a vision and he laid it out and explained that he is open to criticism if it is valid and one can present an argument, but NOT open to lies, divisiveness. And those politicians who are stirring hate and mocked up rage will be called on it. Woo HOO! Music to my ears.

And...we have a "religious" "leader" in Arizona praying for President Obama's death and an elected official, Rep. Joe Wilson (R), yelling "It's a lie" during the President of the United States' speech in the House chamber! It is chilling and disgraceful.

So many people are ENRAGED over someone trying to deal with the colossal mess of healthcare in this country and claim we are going to kill loads of old people and babies but many of those same people were/are fine with us being in Iraq illegally and as a result 100s or thousands have been killed and more money has been spent on this sham of a war than would be spent on health care. If it wasn't so maddening, it would be absurd. Maybe it is still is absurd as well.

God or whatever power you choose to observe...Help Us All.


Criticlasm said...

What's absurd is all these poor people who would benefit who've been duped to believe all these lies so that healthcare companies can just rake in more money. Yuck.

easca said...

When I think of the gun wearing lunatics screaming out their protests at the health care town halls, I am reminded by a local newscast a friend of mine watched when SFO prohibitted smoking in the main areas. The smokers were shut into a glass smoking room and the TV cameras came to check it out. She described the secluded smokers as an angry bunch that just looked so bad and sickly. It cracked her up that they were "in defense of cigarettes". Fortunately, I have not resorted to the smoking lounge, however I have had my share of smokes. But when one is left only a little glass room for smoking because the habit is toxic to the rest of the world, it's time to wake up and realize that fighting for something stupid is pretty stupid. In terms of health care reform, what is so objectionable about plotting a course to solve a miserable problem? Don't solve health care because Rush, Glenn, and Sarah said so? Healthcare reform is unamerican?!

Scribe816 said...

In response to your last sentence --- “Amen”