Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Irish-American Historical Society

Today was Museum Day in New York. Just when you think this city cannot get any better they open the doors to all their museums and you can pick ONE to go to for free. (Other cities offer this as well so be sure and check it out in your area for next year.) My friend Sue who knows all about such things turned me on to this.

Of course I wanted to go to TWO museums for free. It was suggested I just photocopy my ticket and this is what I did and it worked. I don't recommend this at all because it is, well, dishonest!

But I got to go to the amazing Morgan Library and see a Gutenberg Bible, letters by Mart Twain and more first editions than you could possibly eat. His private library is a wonder.

I then trodded uptown to the really never open Irish American Historical Society on 5th Avenue directly across from the Met. The people there COULD NOT HAVE BEEN NICER. That is the Irish for you. I must say humbly that we are really, really, really charming people.

This mansion was built on spec! in the early 1900s and was occupied by a lady and her two daughters. The IAHS bought it in 1940 for $20, 000! Depression era prices. (Sadly the Scots would still be quibbling over the price and would be renting a hall to this day, but that is another story.)

Magnificent place. I got the full tour and it was great.

The Irish at one time were not allowed to be members of the New York Athletic Club so they started the Irish American Athletic Club. Many of the trophies from this era are here.

Eccentric firemen?

Mayor Mitchell and his wife. HOT! Youngest mayor of NYC. Fell out of an airplane to his death at age 39.
View of Met from front room. I would LOVE to live here!

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Peter Brown, Instructor said...

Thanks for your description. I just arranged to donate some artifacts to IAHS.