Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kingston, New York

Ellie and I took a train trip up the Hudson to have Sunday lunch with Ellie's friend Bridie and her family in Kingston, New York. It was a beautiful trip up and I felt like that is what one does when one lives in New York - one takes a train trip on a Sunday.

We did just that. Brian, Bridie's eldest son, picked us up at the station and took us on this most wonderful historical tour of the area which covered everything from George Washington to Dustin Hoffman. Brian knows his stuff and was just a super guy.

That George Washington was EVERYWHERE!

We saw many stone houses build during the Dutch era from the 17th century that are still used today. Amazing.

This is part of the only corner in the US where there are still-standing 17th century structures on each corner.
This, my friends, is a step for people to get onto carriages. The town never removed it or turned it into a drinking fountain for dogs.

From colonial days to the Tootsie Tour! Brian took us to the town of Hurley where they filmed many scenes from one of my fave movies of all time.

Here is the bar where Dustin Hoffman goes to talk to Charles Durning after Durning, who proposed to Tootsie, found out his beloved is really a man.

Here is the barn where Charles Durning's character lived and where Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman sat on a swing together. You can see a picture of them at this farm here.

Bridie and Tom and their wonderful family. Youngest son Tom made the feast and we talked all about Ireland and New York. I LOVED it. Bridie is from Donegal and had the most wonderful stories and photos. We had a great day. Lovely, lovely family and made me homesick for multi generations around a table having a home cooked me. It was wonderful.

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