Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blackout Film Festival

Filmmaker Sean and Frank at the SVA Theater for the fest.

Frank and I went to the SVA Visual Arts Theater in Chelsea to support Sean whose film "7th Ave. Blues" was being shown in the Blackout Film Festival. The festival got its start when it screened films inspired by the blackout in New York City several years ago. And each year hence it centers itself around one theme. This year's was aptly THE RECESSION. I found it funny that people could cough up $12 to go it and there was no unemployment discount, but I was with a filmmaker so I was comped!

There are few people who climb Everest and there are few people who make a film and get it into a festival. I was really proud of Sean. It was exciting to see his short up on the big screen in front of a pretty packed house alongside many other creative pieces.

It is an event I would not have really heard of and it was very well attended and well done. I would go next year. The films overall were really good and the vibe in the theatre had the energy that reminded me why I have love working in the festival world.

Sean was up in front of the audience afterwards with the other filmmakers for a Q & A. I hope this inspires him to make more!

After we went to Waldys for pizza! Very good. I heard about it because a Facebook friend posted that he thought it was the best in New York and I go because of this and bring two friends. I love the power of social media!

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