Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ellie's Pond

Ellie and I took a trip up north and down memory lane.

After touring the beautiful coast of Maine yesterday we headed to the lake district in the western part of the state where Ellie went to summer camp as a child. She remembered a few place names and that was enough to set our course for the day.

They were Naples, Denmark and Bridgton. Many years ago Ellie came up to this part of the world during the summers from New York City. She told me about the trains they took from Penn Station to Portland and then the "Dinky" train (I believe) to Bridgton where the camp bus picked them up and took them to camp.

It was a lovely drive through forests and past pristine, still lakes and lovely green mountains that will play host to skiers this winter.

At one moment Ellie had a flash from her past as if we we trying to solve a cold case. She remembered the name of "Peabody Pond" and the dirt roads surrounding it. We asked the young waitresses where we were having lunch in Bridgton if they knew where this was. They didn't, but one called her boyfriend and wrote us directions!

We were off on our quest for a glimpse at the past.

West on 302, down 117 up 107 left on Peabody Road which eventually lost its pavement and, as if going back in time, became a dirt road and there we were: Peabody Pond, 1934.

Ellie had not been here in 75 years. Yes, 75, no typo. She learned to swim in this pond and she had not been back until now. It was amazing for me to watch her and her pond reunited. They had so much to catch up on.

I felt as I watched them that there is so much in life to be grateful for and sometimes it is a good thing to go back and say thanks even though they say you can't.

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