Monday, September 7, 2009

The Moth - Live Storytelling Performances

This month has been one for facing fears. I got over my busking shyness and now I was going to get over my telling stories in public shyness. My friend Michael Call had told me about The Moth - this place for getting up and telling stories based on a predetermined theme. My dream was to one day read at Sit and Spin in Los Angeles and this seems to be somewhat close.

The deal is you line up to get in and then if you want to get up and tell a story (Tonight's theme: OUTLAWLESSNESS) you put your name in a hat and if you are called you have 5 minutes to tell you tale and then you are judged with Olympic-style scores by three groups of judges.

Sue and Sean came with me tonight to the very cool East Village haunt The Nuyorican Poets Café
on E 3rd between B & C. The place was packed and I was fearful, but hoping to do it. I mean, why not, I had my story, my support and it was my next thing to overcome.

The gods were not on my side (or maybe they were and I just don't know it yet) because I was not chosen. But...consolation prize, those not chosen go up at the end and say the first line of their story. Mine was "It was the mid-eighties and I was working as a security guard at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel when I got a notice to go sign for a certified letter at the Post Office..."


Good pals: Sue and Sean

Me delivering my opening line.

Moth, I will be back!

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