Monday, September 7, 2009


Today's big ticket to do item was to build a website to I can promote my bagpipe business. Of course KNOWING this was the thing today allowed me to write two cards, return 4phone calls and reply to and initiate countess e-mails. I could feel the day waning at 11:30 this morning. "Wane, wane, wane" it went. This is the time I "man up" or "curl up."

I manned!

I faced my site and dragged and dropped and wrote and rewrote fonted and colored and VOILA!! I have a new site. My good pal and trusted critic and photographer, Sean, made some excellent changes and comments. I am thrilled.

So tomorrow I call Go Daddy and get live on this puppy!! Will I wane? I hope not. Will I wax? Most likely.

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