Monday, September 28, 2009

2 Years in New York City

Wow. I am here two years today. And STILL no regrets. No buyer's remorse, no hesitancy, no going back. I am here and I love it. Thank you New York! Thank you.

I reviewed my one year anniversary entry and I was unemployed then! But I was dating!

So to recap in this past year New York City has:

Broken up with me
Kept me unemployed
Given me Bell's Palsy and Vertigo

But still I love it!

Because it has given me so much more:

New wonderful evolving friendships
freelance work
care of doctors
new opportunities
volunteer work
Moderating screenings
Bagpiping in the streets
Fun trips to Maine and Virginia and home to California for Christmas and summer
Best man in my friends' wedding
Great visitors
Great theatre and concerts in the park and great walks.

I really need to read last year's entries to appreciate all that I have been given. I think I shall.

This seems silly all this, but I am reminded that no matter what is thrown one's way, one can turn on to life and I feel I have done that and I feel so blessed for it.

Now let's just hope for some work, love and more laughter and fun in year three!

I think it will happen.

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