Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bad Man in Hammock

(Bad iphoto shot, but you get the idea: man, mike, readers and interlude musicians. No hammock.)

I went to the The Kraine Theater on East 4th St in Manhattan's East Village this evening to see/hear a reading of some of my friend Greg Pierce's short stories. The evening was titled "Bad Man in Hammock" based on something Greg misread in Vermont.

I had never read/heard Greg's stuff before and it was fantastic! I really, really enjoyed myself. And was really impressed. This kid has a future!

In fact I had a sh*%ty day and this really lifted my spirits. I saved $165 on therapy.

In the "All About Me" portion of the evening that took place solely in my head, I was both depressed ("Can I write that well?") and encouraged ("Wow, this is possible!")

It was wonderful to hear actors (all great) read. I imagine for Greg he heard it in a way he had not thought. They really brought the material to life. It was funny at times and poignant at others.

And sometimes both.

To plug the talent, here is the list of excellent readers:

Hannah Cabell
Jeremy Ellison-Gladstone
Greg Keller
Debra Monk
David Hyde Pierce

The readings were separated by music from the The Future Shocks who were just wonderful.

A great evening. I wish Greg great success. Hopefully he will do more of these.

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Criticlasm said...

WEll, if it's any consolation for mishearing, I read "banana hammock" when I breezed past the title in your blog roll. Hmmm.