Monday, September 14, 2009

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Susan E. Frankeiler

(This was my commute to the Musuem)

My friend Sue works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York and on Mondays, when the Museum is closed, employees can take guests to this virtually empty museum filled with treasures and, not so much people. It is like being at Disneyland on a closed day, but all the conductors are there to serve you.

You also get this odd "behind the scenes" feeling seeing cases opened and the main entrance flower arranged not yet assembled!

It reminded me of the classic children's book where the kids hid out in the Museum and sleep in the 18th century beds and bathe in the fountain. I want to live here too!

We came mainly today to see Vermeer's "The Milkmaid" sans crowds. This masterpiece is on loan from the that city’s Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and has not been in the United States since the 1939 World's Fair. It is truly a wonder and it was such a thrill to be able to have some alone time with her. And joke a little. She liked that.

I also got to hang with some Modiglianis. Amadeo is one of my favorite painters and it was just us and him. Wow.

And through Egypt and Asia and Europe we made our way to the rooftop. I love it up here where you can look over the park and the Upper East Side and feel so at one, yet comfortably apart.

We took a lunch break and the hugely discounted employee cafeteria. I had a lovely salad and it all felt so private. They even have a courtyard fountain for the employees in their dining area. When has that ever happened at your work?

After lunch we saw some more beauty and then some wacky stuff.

Thank you Sue for such an amazing adventure to such an incredible place. Truly one of the greatest museums ever. Anywhere.

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susankiel said...

Yet another reminder as to how fortunate we are to live in our amazing city. Since the Met has more than 2 million pieces, we still have about 1.99 million important objects to see and discuss!