Monday, September 21, 2009

Me and President Obama. Oh, and Dave.

My friend Sue scored us amazing VIP tickets through a former life to see President Obama on Letterman. It is hard enough to get into a Letterman show where Tony Danza is the guest let alone the President of the United States.

We were ushered through security and passed lines of waiting audience members like we had fast passes at Disneyland.

To see him in person was so strange. I am still processing the experience. I went out to Ohio to canvas for him during the election and this was the first time I had ever seen him in person. It was really something. Surreal in fact. I think maybe he was animatronic like Lincoln at Disneyland.

THIS is the same guy 100 yards from me who is going to speak at the UN on Wednesday? He is dynamic and smart and thinks before he speaks. All traits that separate him and me...

It was just a thrill that I will never forget. One of the perks of being unemployed and free in the afternoon!



Security was REALLY tight as one would imagine. Broadway was shut down. Loads of police. Secret Service watched us from the wings in the Ed Sullivan Theatre! - like the SNL sketch when Gilda Radner and the Soviet Ballet came to town!

Inside the VIP antechamber. Women on chair gave the VIP chalk talk before going in.


1. No "WOOOO" ing
2. No "Awwww"ing
3. No cell phones or you will be thrown out.
4. No camera or you will be thrown out.
5. Clapping okay.
6. Laughing encouraged
7. No yelling "Yay Canada" or whatever or you will be thrown out.

But otherwise have a GREAT time!

My golden ticket. (hand model Sue Kiel)

Susan getting us through the VIP security gauntlet.

Watchtower on Broadway

Sue exiting into a life of uncertainty, unemployment and spotty healthcare. But we were happy!

A husband and wife and dog being interviewed for French Television ( Canal PLOOOOOOS)

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Hillary said...

I ran across this blog during some random google search months and months ago and I just want to tell you know much i enjoy reading it. I am in San Diego and living a life that is far removed from Manhattan's big city life, but it always provides an enjoyable 'adventure' for me. Much thanks!