Thursday, September 17, 2009

Job Fair

I was reluctant to go to a job fair as I didn't think it would be any use. How is THAT for an attitude?! Once I heard my inner Eeyore voice I knew I had to go.

I thought I would just "pop" down and distribute my resume around the various booths as if I had the car running outside and then home for a cup of tea.

No so.

When I got out of the subway the line was down the block. It was FULL of unemployed people like me! I was bummed to have to wait, but then I felt it was really a good thing to see so many unemployed people to realize how widespread and REAL this recession is AND that I am not alone. It was not a line, it was a support group!

The whole event took about 5 hours to do as every booth had a huge queue once you got in: sort of like Disneyland but without costumed characters and a fun ride at the end.

But it was really good overall. I got to some good companies and have some follow up AND it was a social blast! You know how I love a stranger. I met Tom in line who just got a book deal to do a walking tour of Andy Warhol's New York. That is SO cool. And then I crashed into a guy I went on a date with. I said "Hey Steve, how is it going?" He said, "How do you think it's going? I'm here!" "Oh, right, I guess you lost your job. But HOW GREAT to see you!" Then I got to hang in the long lines with my pal Sam whom I worked with when I first got to New York. Very accomplished producer. In the New York Times line I met a fascinating Cuban American lawyer woman! We had a ball chatting. And there was Oliver an unemployed party clown from South Africa who brought me a mini cupcake from the Whole Foods booth.

I left feeling tired, but inspired.


Criticlasm said...

That line about Oliver is the best. and yay for mini-cupcakes. :)

Stinky Junior said...

That is the most fun job fair story I have ever heard!

Padmanaban said...

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