Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amy and Clint Come to NYC

Amy and Clint, my dear buddies from San Francisco, have come to visit. They are staying at the Lucerne which is right around the corner from me and I am already convinced that they live there and I hope I am right.

I met up with Amy at the bar at Nice Matin downtstairs in the hotel. Her smile is always joyous and it was instant love! (Clint arrived shortly after as they don't travel on the same plane for security reasons! ;)- and I guess our instant love was not recorded on film.) Actually, we took this picture to send to Amy's most excellent mom in Chicago to show her Amy had arrived in the Big Apple! Hello Roxane!!! You are missed!

(Amy and Pat sending smiles to Roxane in the Nice Matin)

Tonight we freshened up and went for a walk (a stagger for me as my vertigo was really acting up. Have you ever had to hold on to railings and trees and try to pull off that you are okay? It is odd. I always laugh because it is so odd, but it is odd. )

I asked them at dinner what their "hopes and dreams" were for their visit here. I was just trying to glean what they might like to do/see. Clint was "What is all this hopes and dreams stuff?" I explained that I like to over function and thought that if they had any ideas I could suggest something. Well it turned into the acronym "HADs" as in "Hopes and Dreams." Do you have any HADs? What are your HADs for this week? I used to have a lot of HADs but they are dashed.

That kind of thing. You read it here first.

We ate dinner at Cilantro on Columbus. It was really good and we ate demi al fresco on this cool night and it was lovely.

My giant pork chop with spinach and sweet potato concoction.

Great to have them here. Sweet dreams.

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